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Thread: Facebook to get spy drone company?

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    Facebook to get spy drone company?

    So they're looking at buying the company making those spy-drone-planes for the US military. They "say" it's to more easily distribute internet connection ... but that sounds a bit far fetched to me.

    Is this a sign that they're looking at creating something similar to google's street view - only now you're getting a Facebook birds-eye-view?

    Or is there something more sinister afoot?
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    I heard that they are after the solar driven drones that can fly for months at a time, the intention is to offer FB users faster more private equivalent to satellite connections?
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    Whether Face Book itself is malevolent or not matters not because Governments will ease drop with or without a permission stamp.

    All you can do is be as private as you can (want to be) in a world where privacy is encroached on more and more. It’s not all bad and besides...we can’t really do much to interfere with the trend. Just be glad your name is not something like Mohammed Ben Laden...and if you don’t do very bad things there is not too much to worry about.

    Given that a woman’s presence normally means that the man is wrong. Let’s say for some reason its only woman ease droppers and they ease drop you 24/7. Does this mean that you are always wrong?
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