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Thread: Good news for a change

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    Good news for a change

    At approximately 20:00 last night (Thursday 27 February 2014), four male suspects, all armed, allegedly committed a robbery at the KFC on South Coast Road. The suspects took an undisclosed amount of cash and other items.

    The SAPS were called and a chase quickly ensued through Cato Manor towards Westville, involving the SAPS Durban Flying Squad and Durban South Dog Unit. The suspects’ vehicle, a white Peugeot, stopped briefly at the Sasol garage, mid-chase and a shot was fired at an unknown male, who sustained a gunshot wound to the head.

    The chase resumed up Harry Gwala Road towards the N3 freeway, where shots were fired at the pursuing SAPS members. The suspects crashed on the onramp to the N3, Pinetown-bound and shots were exchanged.. In the ensuing gun battle, three suspects were fatally wounded and died at the scene.

    The fourth was wounded, tried to flee across the freeway and was struck and killed by a passing vehicle. Among the items recovered was an AK-47, four handguns, four rounds of 7.62x39, four rounds of .38spl and eight rounds of 9mmP ammunition. Stolen items were also recovered at the scene. No injuries were reported by any of the SAPS members or members of the public.

    A case of robbery has been opened and will be investigated at Montclair. Further dockets of attempted murder of police and inquests were opened and detectives are investigating the matter further.

    We applaud the bravery under fire displayed by our members and are grateful for their courage and resolve. It is an extremely good result having four dangerous criminals permanently out of harm’s way and five illegal firearms out of criminal hands

    Give the lads a case of bells.

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    Stunning. Bravo SAPS.

    Most of the SAPS members I've met are really top-notch people, with a really large heart. Their present structural difficulties internally, with race-based glass ceilings/quotas must be incredibly tough. I really do wish there was a way to move SAPS through their internal difficulties & allow true recognition for many of these people who are true heroes.

    I think that if folks knew just how sharp some of the fraud investigators are - some with pictures of fraud conviction in excess of R7 million, hanging on their walls - it would make many white-collar criminals think twice.

    In some Asian countries, TV programs are dedicated to showing up life in the local police force. Some matters are so incredibly funny - others, much more serious. It brings police & community together.
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    I think it's the incidents where the bad guys turn out to be cops themselves that doesn't help the PR much.

    But as someone who has had a few stolen vehicles recovered by the SAP over the years, I agree - there's lots of really top notch folk in the SAP.
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