I am looking for a service sheet app for call outs. I have started using a duplicate book and was looking into getting triplicate books made, I was sitting last night and the wife mentioned that I have far too much wasted technology, a couple of laptops, ipad, iphone etc which I don't utilise. So instead of spending a couple thousand on service sheet books any ideas for an app for my ipad mini.

The scan app works for me at the moment until I find a service sheet app, I write out the service sheet get the manager to sign, scan the service sheet with the iphone 5, covert to PDF and send it with the invoice at the same time.

I have notability, quick office, docs to go, penultimate etc. I am sure there must be a way of creating a service sheet, the screen is a touch screen so you could get the person to use a stylus and sign, any ideas?

So time to get smart and help save the environment. I started by downloading My measure pro. Been playing with it today, the right app for quoting, just take a pic add the measurement and bingo send it to the customer so they can approve then there no confusion about plug heights, distance from the corner etc.

I also downloaded the bosch tool box, but it keeps bombing on me, when you try add measurement it just dumps back to ipad home screen. It looks like it could be a handy app for projects if I can get it to function with out dumping. I have a number of Bosch industrial machines, my new favourite the 10.8 volt multi tool. If you install power into drywalls this tool is a must. I use it more for my wood work projects. The other day I had 2 problems with plug installations, one the metal box was standing proud of the wall which left a gap between the wall and cover, took the metal cutting blade 2 minutes later cover fits flush. The other, the builder had made a real hash of the patching, it looked terrible...fitted the correct blade and cut it flush and clean, now the cover fits flush.

Any suggestions for other useful apps?