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Thread: Rhino?

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    In 2013 1004 rhino were poached/killed in SA, 1004! At this rate our children will only see R`hino on the discovery channel doc about the late great herbivores.

    If there has ever been a time for action it is now, but how? The answer is both simple and complicated.

    Complicated because anybody who could possibly intervene is too high on KFC BMW and Merc to give a shit. From 1-10 nature lies about 0.1 on their concern scale, chuck it out the window kid

    The answer is simple when you consider how many X SANDF skilled volunteers are around. Men who care and can do. Volunteers are knocking down the door. My father and brother in law are both honorary rangers in the Kruger, taking down snares and some PR, limited patrol, useful activities, but surely not enough.

    For F sakes, campaign to have each rhino tagged (GPS). Legally allow volunteers (pass some requirements) to “kamp sit en kyk” – saving the Rhino form extinction, R1 and R4. (Not just SANDF but anybody who qualifies). I concede that arming civilians will be problematic. Excluding probability, why not build a special division (with some political prudence), with capable commanders.

    My post may sound militant, but how else? Its obvious, patrol...patrol
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    Capture and send enough breeding pairs of the big five and any other wild life to somewhere in South America where the climate is suitable (Argentina?) and let them thrive, of course ten years from now certain 'Gubbermunt Ministers' will be complaining that all the tourists are going to 'Argy' to see the big five in the wild instead of coming to 'Barren Mzansi' to see what is left of the big one, the Buffalo before it is poached to extinction for it's meat.
    Rhino in the wild, extinct, all the horns exported to Vietnam
    Leopard in the wild, extinct and any old skins worn by certain Zulu's and certain religious people.
    Lions in the wild or game reserves, extinct, due to canned hunting and poaching to supply the increasing demand for bones.
    Elephant in the wild, extinct due to demand for tusks in China.
    A few Buffalo in the wild left because they are difficult to kill?
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