The conduct ,image and time usage of general Nelson Mandela Metro Municipality workers are beyond concern to law-obiding taxpayers .Around the area I live ,they daily enter a supermarket at 0830 am to buy breakfast ,this take a min of 15 minutes -then they drive off to where they should work ,However close to their arrival ,i'ts tea-time again - so they have another break !NOTE they havn't done much ,if any before 0830 am .

That mean 2 hours to lunch time ...where they frequently start again after 14h00 ...they finish work at 3.30 - giving the idiotic excuse they must be in time for their bus or taxi home

Today ,at 14h30 in a park I noted 5 of them still sleeping on the ground ...after lunch break

CALCULATED TO NOT MORE THAN 4.5 HOURS / DAY !!! - BUT THEY DEMAND HIGHER WAGES !!!!Always moan if they must work and seem to forget there are others begging,praying and hoping just to find work !! How disgusting

PE Municipality management are aware of this HOWEVER the conduct continues