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Thread: Payroll question - weekly employees

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    Payroll question - weekly employees

    Hi everyone,

    I have recently started doing weekly payroll and a need some help with the following scenario.

    The company closed for annual leave from the 23rd Dec until the 15th. (15 days) The 16th was the first day back at work.

    They pay wages on a Thursday.

    The 15 days annual leave was paid out on the 19th.

    Do the staff get a full weeks wages on the 16th or do they only get 2 days pay? (for the 20th Dec and the 16th Jan)

    I instinctively would pay the later. Is that correct?

    Thanks in advance


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    My understanding is that if a public holiday falls on a workday it needs to be paid in full. If your annual leave payout was for 15 days plus the 3 days public holiday, then I would say that you need only pay for the 20th and 16th. But if you did not pay them for the 25th, 26th Dec and 1 Jan, then you would have to pay them for those 3 plus the other two (20th Decand 16 Jan) that they worked ... ie a full weeks pay.
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    One point to consider on annual leave and public holidays.
    If an extra day of leave is given to compensate for the public holiday, then it is not required to pay the public holiday. This is the reason that so many staff want to have leave in December, so that they get so called extra days of leave.
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    The original question is a bit vague, however let me try address it with a generic answer.
    If you work on the holiday, then the company pays you for the day that works, normal days work. Plus, either, they give you an alternative day off, which is paid for (so paid although no work), or you merely pay the person (thus the double pay concept).

    Leave is 21 consecutive days - 15 working days plus 6 off days (normally weekends) if you work a 5 day week.
    OR 18 working days plus 3 off days if you work a 6 day week.
    The daily wage is calculated based on the number of actual days you work (so not salary divide by 30).
    If a public holiday falls during leave, then it is not counted as a leave day. So, if during my 21 consecutive days, there is one public holiday. Then I am owed either 1 day leave or 1 days pay.
    Total leave days less public holidays gives you the days owed.
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