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Thread: Mercedes .......... Grrrrrr

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    Mercedes .......... Grrrrrr

    So today I take wife's car to Speedy's to have her wheels swopped around. Apparantely you have to swop them around after a certain amount of km's when you put new tyres on. The guy calls me and shows me that a wheel nut is missing. So off I go to Mercedes BOKSBURG to simply go and buy a new wheel nut (well I thought it was going to be simple)

    I get directed to the parts department whereby I order the wheel nut. I get told to wait and it will be brought to me. After 30 minutes I am now starting to get quite agitated and pissed off, so I politely ask what is going on. I was told that "Its on its way down". I understood this only the 3rd time because the guy telling me this was eating ! No other communication with me regarding this part. Nothing !!

    I am now still waiting and it is 40 Minutes later and decide to get up and start causing a bit of a thing, because perhaps this is going to work. I get told that he has the part, but the " seestem" is now down so I cant pay the R56 for a wheel nut !!! At this stage I suggest that perhaps I pay and they give me some sort of manual receipt. NO this was also impossible because the lady that I had to pay was also not there so they could not give me change !

    At this point I take my little wheel nut and walk out to try to find a manager. Searched the whole of Mercedes only to be told the Branch Manager, The service Manager and the Parts manager where all out !!!! So when the main cats are out the rest of the company do as they please !!! I eventually found a very nice lady and asked her if I was perhaps being unreasonable by getting upset after 40 Min ? She agreed with me and told me the manager would phone me.

    I am very angry with Mercedes. Not once in the 40 min wait was I offered a cup of coffee or anything. I would have got better service from a second hand dealer in Jules Street !! I find this kind of service totally unacceptable, especially from Mercedes !!!!!

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    Sorry couldn't resist dealerships do you treat much better when you are buying a car.
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