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Thread: Dinner Dance Venues in Durban

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    Dinner Dance Venues in Durban

    Can anyone personally recommend a dinner dance venue in the Durban area?

    My two business associates and I reached a milestone this year (3rd best Pastel resellers in KZN) and we and our better halves would like to celebrate in style!
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    Well done Neville, unfortunately I don't know of a dinner dance venue.

    You get my vote for the best photos for the year, 10 out of 10, well done for that. I thought you should take a pat on the back for that.

    Maybe next year we should start something new on this forum, achievements for the year.

    Neville for he best pics 2013 and place in pastel reseller.
    Mark for his achievements, etc.
    Adrian and Pmb guy for getting under Teco skin
    Dave for keeping this forum active for XXX amount of years etc

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