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    T shirt

    Some of you might enjoy this,

    These T shirts are hot, a clever businessman would be printing them by the thousands, there is a huge demand for them, with the elections just around the corner.

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    At last, a photo to give some idea of what all the fuss is about.

    The political intimidation of artistic expression continues
    The trouble with opportunity is it normally comes dressed up as work.

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    The 'A' should be replaced with 'UC'

    I am starting to refer to the cANCer as the 'NEO ANC' because the 'fakers' running it now are not doing what was envisaged by the founding members, the problem is that it is being stealthily hijacked by the Commies and at the present it is infested with opportunists.

    When the Commies are in a position to completely control the party therefore the government and the country all the opportunists will be shot as traitors any objectors will be liquidated and the economy will be run for the benefit of the new 'Oligarchs' so there is really no hope for us because the existing cANCer will never allow an opposition party to come to power in the mean time.

    It is time to realise that the only way to change the NEO ANC is from within, unfortunately whitey will not be able or allowed to do this.
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