Hope someone can help me with this.

I resently learnt that all Estate Agencies and Attorneys should submit IT3(b)'s for all rent, interest, etc according to Goverment Gazette (36346) on 5 April 2013. I know that banks, medical aids, etc should do this, but I have never submitted these on behalf of anybody.

According to SARS there are a few ways to do this: Efiling; EasyFile; and something called the Direct Data Flow Channel. Efiling is limited (like with the IRP5's), EasyFile has no option to submit these kinds of IT3's and I have no idea how the other option work.

I have read and think I understand the procedures for enroll and activation on efiling, but can someone explain how the http platform (Data flow) works to create the file to submit or point me in the right direction.

Any help in this regard would be much appreciated.