I thought you guys might find this useful.

Over the past two years I have gradually created a list of functions to easy general formatting and to format common accounting reports into something that is easier to work with (ie. easily filterable/searchable).
Currently I have functions to format some of Pastel Partner, Pastel Evolution, Quickbooks and Sage Accpac's reports (mostly GL's and TB's).
Note that the functions that don't format whole reports acts only on the selected cells.

Beware that the add-in has almost no error checking, so if you run a function on anything but the intended and unmodified report, it will have unintended consequences.
Note that you cannot undo the functions (as with all macros).

You can download the add-in here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/icnv0o2ovy...functions.xlam

Installation instructions:
1. Save the add-in and add it to excel via excel's options> add-ins section> Excel add-ins> Browse
2. Add a new Quick Access Toolbar shortcut
2.1 Choose commands from: Macro's
2.2 Select and add the "CreateDisplayPopUpMenu" to your Quick Access Toolbar.
You can now access the list of functions via clicking on the newly added Quick Access Toolbar shortcut, or by keyboard shortcut ("Alt, #" where # is the position of the shortcut in the Quick Access Toolbar)

Any bugs reports or suggestions (new reports, code, etc.) would be appreciated.
You are free to use/modify the code for personal use