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Thread: Registering Trademarks with CIPC?

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    Registering Trademarks with CIPC?

    I want to register trademarks for 4 Business names, 2 slogans and 3 logos all relating to our business - its a marketing business and falls into Class 35. Do I use a Form TM1 for each of the names etc or can I use the same form? also what does "Endorsement" on the form mean and the "Convention priority Claimed"? I really don't want to go to a specialist attorney as I can't afford the fees but I waited for an hour on the phone to the contact centre and finally gave up when I got no reply!

    Any trademark boffins willing to help?


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    I can highly recommend Rowan Forster at ENS (Umhlanga Offices).

    Alternatively Chris Bull (ENS - Capetown) - he appears to be in your neck of the woods. (You are welcome to mention my name : Des Aubery). I'd advise using professionals for this work. Be certain to run a detailed search before attempting to register names. Your chances of success will be far greater.

    I've found that trying shortcuts in the IP game in SA will leave you very frustrated - especially if the trademarks are contested.
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    I do think there is an opportunity for an entrepreneur to start a business providing services to start-ups.
    If I think about all the red tape and registrations one has to do, I would gladly pay someone to do it for me.

    This could include everything from registering a company (and advice on the type of legal entity) to registering for PAYE, VAT, UIF, all the different levies, safety and health and different accreditation required.

    Link this to secretarial services, a phone answering or message service and providing professional interview rooms for meetings and Voila!

    I know there are some companies doing this already, but none of them provide an all inclusive service for a start up or small business. Ideal for young attorneys and accountants to team up and provide an awesome service.
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    Be prepared for a looooong wait.I registered 2 trademarks in May 2010.One of them came through last year and I have just had confirmation that the second one will be advertised in the Official Journal of 30 October 2013.

    From our attorneys:
    Following publication, an opposition term of three months follows. In the absence of objections, the registration certificates will be issued and sent to you on receipt in our offices. Regrettably a lengthy delay is expected, as the Registry is some 18 - 20 months in arrears with the issuance of certificates.

    This is a long process in South Africa.....

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