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Thread: Where is our Dark Angel?

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    Where is our Dark Angel?

    I haven't seen a post or reply from 'Darkangelyaya' for some time, I miss her incisive wit and hope all is well.
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    I'm hopeful that all is well and she's off achieving great things and too busy elsewhere to visit, but I did get a sense that our (or my) pretty harsh criticism of the NewERA big case didn't go down well.

    Unfortunately, I have learned from experience that 99% of the time, when people that smart try to raise funds on a Kum By Ya emotional appeal platform and so wilfully ignore practical considerations in their argument, they know exactly what they are doing - and it has nothing to do with benefiting the contributors. And I guess I'm not very good at hiding my distrust in folk of that ilk.
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    Here I was thinking that Mariana was involved, thankfully not
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    You're on very thin ice there sir, Mariana won't hear a bad word said about Mariana.
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