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Thread: Employee Benefits at Google

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    Employee Benefits at Google

    You may have already seen my introductory thread: I just joined the forum.

    But getting straight to business

    I'm an Engineer investigating optimising the HRM Practices of a few firms in SA. (I engineer? In HR? Has Dilbert gone to the dark side??? )

    I'm looking at companies that give their employees "extravagant incentives". Google comes to mind. My question: How does Google justify their benefits package? I mean how can they say it's not a complete waste of money? Yes, their staff is highly skilled and qualified and the company is booming but a lot of the benefits offered are in excess.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I don't there's a thing like an excess when it comes to incentives. I think no company will give more than they get, maybe they're giving more to their employees because they can see that there's a potential of getting more from them. Happy workers makes an awesome output. It's also a very effective motivation.

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