I am looking for some advice (hope this is the correct section)

I was declared insolvent in November 2008. I got a loan from SA Micro-loans around Feb 2009 (this was actually to assist my dad and he dropped me. He paid 1 month and then not again.)

So later in 2009 a attorney did get a judgement against me and I agreed to pay R450 pm. After several payments I owed them about R1000 less. I also did get a bit of money and I wrote this to them:

Hi xxxxxxx,

Can you please give me a settlement amount on this. I see there is R39.90 commission and also Outsource Interest. I also see some Sherrif Costs and so on.

Let me know what the settlement amount will be but I'm not going to pay all the interest and so on. The original loan amount was R9148 and I have paid R4850 so that is a outstanding amount of R4298 (without any other charges)

So I'm willing to pay R5000 to settle the account.

They said it will take about 3/4 days to revert back and well I actually forgot about them. I was then rehabilitated in August 2011 and been trying to get my name clear. The judgement is still on my name and the last amount they gave me was R9327 (settlement)

The initial amount was around 6k I think. I have paid around 5k. This settlement was 2 June 2011.

I would like to get this off my name but I am a bit scared to scratch where it doesn't itch and not sure if they will load a lot of interest and so on onto that amount.

My dad told me that after 5 years you can get it removed but I think you actually have to have proof that the amount was fully paid off?

I don't mind putting some cash into this to get it sorted out but the amount of interest they charged was bad and not sure what it will be now. Any advice would be really appreciated.

Here's links to the settlement amount and a detailed transaction log: