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Thread: eFiling ra contributions

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    eFiling ra contributions


    How do I complete the line item "Current retirement annuity fund contributions" under the "Retirement and Income Protection Contributions"?

    When I click in the area to fill in the values, the following message appears,

    "Please ensure that the amount entered is the total amount in respect of all policies that you yourself will derive benefit from, including the amount represented on your employees' tax certificate"

    I have the amount from my insurer as it appears on the "Contribution Certificate for Income Tax Purposes". This is the RA I had taken out personally.
    The amount on my IRP5 is the pension fund code 4001.
    Must I add this amount to my RA.

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    Code 4006 is only for RA contributions, i.e. if you had 3, then you would add them together to get a total and that would be your value for code 4006. Pension is not RA.

    good luck!
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