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Thread: Lighting in commercial installations

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    Lighting in commercial installations

    I have been busy doing some commercial work, which I don't enjoy because out of domestic, commercial and industrial. Commercial electricians must be the worst and get away with the most dangerous installations. Trust me I know I wired many a shopping centre and bank, Chatsworth centre, the wheel in Durban, the reserve bank in Durban, The old what use to be the NBS building, to mention a few.

    I have been involved in a few projects again which involve commercial installations, and have to do inspection reports. My question is how on this earth do these "electricians" get a way with such blatant open wring, considering there are consultants and safety reps etc etc. I am talking about installation done in the past 5 years. I know there was a discussion about ceiling spaces being regarded as junction boxes and there fore there is no need to fit junction boxes if you cannot gain access other than by use of a ladder.

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    On commercial installations we box all our joints, light fittings are connected via 5A plug tops into sockets I. The ceiling spaces. Suggest separate circuits for different locations. I agree there are some real butchers out there. We take photos of everything as well.

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    When I do a COC on shopping centres I give a test results for every point I installed, and earth reading is taken and attached to the COC. It makes it very clears what has been tested and is covered by the COC. Annoys me that the biggest butchers get the biggest jobs and the biggest bucks.

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