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Thread: Judgement Problem

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    Unhappy Judgement Problem

    Good day. A while ago my husband took out a loan from a certain bank. Unfortunately due to some financial problems he missed a couple of payments but he later managed to solve things and pay off the loan. Upon finishing the payment he requested a credit report and found out he had a judgement taken out against him by some lawyers on instruction of the said bank. When he contacted the bank they denied having instructed the lawyers. They(the bank) then followed it up and it has now emerged that the lawyers acted without the instruction of the bank and on top of that they drafted a fake document and forged my husband's signature on the document that says he allows them to attach a judgement to his name.

    The bank is busy corresponding with the lawyers to have the judgement removed. My question is, what legal action-if any- should we take? How should we handle this situation?

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    Report the incident to the Law Society. I suspect they'll have a pretty unhealthy sense of humour failure about the whole thing.

    One does wonder where the legal firm got the info from in the first place, though
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    I know of a case where a bank employee have colluded with attorneys and getting a finders fee, so the situation arises of a free for all, to collect finders fees.
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