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Thread: Duplicated Invoice amounts

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    Question Duplicated Invoice amounts

    I recently had an error code 307 which has been resolved, as we run one pastel (v12) at the office and at each month back the system up at home onto another pastel (v11) we had some category issues.

    Now we have noticed that although this problem was resolved at the start of the week. we need to send all out books to the Auditors and pastel as duplicated entries. Some small amounts and some large amounts dating as far back at April.

    One way to fix the issue would be to credit all the entries individually but that would take far too long, please help?

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    Hi Alan,

    I have a database editor that can make those duplicated entries disappear.

    However, in order to maintain some audit trail integrity, I won't delete the invoice headers themselves (which contain the invoice numbers), but only the line items on each invoice.

    Let me know if you would like to discuss this with me.
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