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Thread: Use of earphones while working on site.

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    Use of earphones while working on site.

    I am concerned about safety amongst works while using earphones and listening to load music on site.

    I believe it is a safety hazard to the person using the earphones and other people on site.

    I don't have a problem with people using a radio for all to hear.

    What is the ruling with regards to the use of earphones?

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    I, too, is not that against, but rather, concerned about workers especially on hazardous workplace like construction site, in using earphones or merely listening to music. This is because they might not hear a sound that could have alarmed them in case of emergencies. It's all about their safety... I'm hoping to read interesting discussion for this.

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    I'm also inclined to agree that earphones can be hazardous in the workplace, but having said that, I insist that ear plugs be worn when working with noisy equipment, it's a safety issue.
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    Let them wear their earphones, this way we can weed out the gene pool
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    Some bikers or car drivers use MP3 devices which require ear phones, while driving. This may also be hazardous, as one can then not hear any warning sounds or hoots from fellow road users. Bikers, please note!

    Some people have their boom boxes so loud that it must be distracting and impairing their ability to concentrate on the road. Is that why taxi drivers are such notoriously bad drivers?
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    Difficult one. I much prefer to wear earphones and listen to music while I work. The machines make a lot of noise and i find it hard to concentrate with them blaring in my ears. I find complex instrumental music the best for concentration. When I worked at De Beers we had to wear them huge noise protection earphones or those little orange things so one way or another you would either hear nothing or music.

    Dunno, everything has its upside and downside. You need to be able to hear the sledge hammer heading for your nuts but you don't want to hear the jackhammer going at the wall the entire day.
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    I wouldn’t recommend it because you need to consider that ear protection filters out noises and dampen the decibels so that the ear doesn’t suffer injury. Now consider the fact that some earphones can hit 95db to 108db easily it can actually damage the ear with prolonged use.

    Now here is the problem, if you allow for earphones at the work place and it is not work related then what are you doing exactly? I answer: You are introducing a potential risk that can result in the loss of hearing in the working environment that you may well become liable because the worker was technically “unprotected”

    Secondly there "employees" situational awareness is dramatically reduced and can result in injury and or death.

    If the worker needs to use an earphone a proper risk assessment must be done. This must include information about the device how to set it up properly and how to use it alongside other PPE/equipment. It also needs to include environment awareness. Also make sure that the device isn’t very powerful... You do get low db earphones with the ability to filter out noise.

    But above "all" earphones isn't ear protection. Yes you do get earphones that are designed for the job but again they come with proper papers and instructions. However most earphones actually introduce more noise alongside the working environment thus adding to the RISK!!

    Hope it helps
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