In 2009 the company I was working for was liquidated and I lost my job. I applied for debt counseling which was granted, and a monthly payment was set. I was contracting at that time and eventually this work came to an end as well. I managed to find work in a different province and my wife and I relocated. Four years later, and after another job change I finally have secured a permanent position at a company.

During this time no payments where made to my Debt Counsellor.

I recently received a phone call from an attorney demanding payment on an outstanding debt. I signed an acknowledgement of debt and have been paying this off.

After reading an article on Forum SA, I became aware of the Prescription Act.

I have been contacted by another two attorneys for outstanding debt, one I told the debt has prescribed and have never heard from them again, the other keeps phoning me requesting payment.
After looking for advice on this website I have not acknowledged the debt and have asked for a statement of the account which they say I must get my attorney to request from my creditor.

What I would like to know is how do I handle these phone calls and what is the sequence of events leading up to a prescription claim.