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Thread: Filtering data on web/blog

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    Filtering data on web/blog


    Im looking for a widget or plug in for data sortin.
    If I have blog or web and I want a filtering facility, for instance you choose a practice field (criminal, labour, civil etc), thereafter an area(durban, jhb, OFS, cape ect) and such forth.

    Any suggestions?
    Anthony Sterne
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    There is a tool called Greasemonkey that installs into Firefox as a plugin. The tool allows you to set up scripts that will do very much whatever what you want to a website. I have it installed and it makes some nice changes to Youtube and Facebook.
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    My impression from the o.p. was some sort of directory plug-in with multi-field filtering as a solution. But I'm not familiar with Wordpress plug-ins so I can't suggest any.
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