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Thread: A thing about Zim

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    A thing about Zim

    Even if Mugabe wanted to concede a total defeat out his own free will, he can’t. All those many friends and “friends”, that he has surrounded himself with, have it in their own best interest to keep him and zanu pf in power. They would all lose allot of assets if they fail. They got the old man by the balls

    But look, the guy is 89y old and will meet his maker soon. I don’t know how zanu pf will wield what power they have after the death of M. The exact, current, real relationship between Mugabe and Zuma/ANC is unclear. China will be giving the ANC some “advice” and this could dictate how it plays out.

    (If I was the ANC I would sit back, play both hands. If zanu pf is deposed, SA will take over many lucrative deals.
    If zanu pf remain, the ANC still score by getting some deals anyway, their payment for not acting against them (by them I mean zanu pf and/or possibly china.)

    The ugly truth is that stronger nations always pray on weaker ones, smacking five on TV, but purposefully undermining a country to keep it weak for their own gain.

    The ANC is not stupid though, but they are weakening. A “good enough” government will come at some point in SA. I am not to sure about zim

    Will see how it plays

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    A very good short analysis of the problem.......

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    Zim is todays real life tragedy that underscores the urgency of building an online income stream in a global market

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