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Thread: Self assessment test

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    Self assessment test

    I joined the Standard bank bizconnect, while reading through the site I found a self assessment test, eeeeish seems it is time to close my business, with a score of 13.35, clearly business is not for me.

    22 years ago when I started my business, with a tool box and a stepladder and a golf with roof racks, I didn't think running a business was for me, doing this self assessment test has just proved I was right.

    Anyone looking for an electrician?

    I come with no outstanding debts, vehicles paid up, and all my equipment paid up in full and I could throw in about 6 months worth of contract work because that's all I can handle as a one man operation. I have additional skills some other electricians don't have, thermography, power quality analysing and I have all the toys to go with it.

    Ability to work long and hard
    Ability to work on my own

    Unfortunately I come with a few cons

    I love spending money,
    Have bad management skills,
    Cant handle failure,
    Suck at paper work,
    useless at budget planning,
    get too focused on a single project,
    get bored quickly,
    and all the other things on the list.
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