Smart-IT was specially developed for companies with high stock levels, large amounts of debtors & multiple suppliers. Smart-IT Accounting Software is a great program for prediction of stock, linking of all your suppliers and importing products from your suppliers on the system.

Smart-IT Accounting Software has an advanced job card function which has been specially developed for companies like auto fitment centres, service & tyre centres and companies with workshops that do servicing and repairs of their own equipment & vehicles. Smart-IT Accounting Software also has the new GREEN TAX feature which the Government is soon going to implement & tyre companies will have to start adding to the price of the tyres.

Smart-IT has been recommended on the Pinnacle dealer portal for our accounting software…

Smart-IT is an exciting accounting and management experience for small to medium sized businesses with the newest technology available, making it exceptionally easy, powerful and time saving. For companies with high stock levels our software is great for prediction of stock, importing stock from your suppliers and linking your suppliers. Our software also has an advanced job card solution integrated with your stock.

Our promise to you: Employees inspired to offer excellent service and knowledge with a program that will constantly evolve with latest technology and customer needs.

Smart-It is an accounting software system with a difference. It is not only an office essential, it leads to increased productivity, improved performance and ultimately considerable savings in time, money and personnel.

Smart-it offers a range of features that place us a big step ahead , such as advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Point of Sale (POS), General Ledger, Suppliers (Creditors), Customers (Debtors), Workshop, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Goods Receiving etc, with many unique features like stock predictions, creditors reconciliations that are nowhere else available.

SI+ is a totally integrated accounting software package, guaranteed to streamline your business. We believe that everything revolves around accounting systems and that all data capture must be forced to take place there.

A company's financial systems are the backbone on which its success and sustainability depends. Smart-it accountig software is easy to use with minimal training required. Get up and running in no time as we assist you in first time installations.

Our aim by developing the program was:

1.0 To make it very easy and user friendly

2.0 To integrate the financials with the marketing, communication and workflow side of a business.

What is SI+

Smart-It accounting software is ideally suited for small to medium sized companies (up to 100 computers) that want to take their companies to the next level.

Who is uses SI+

Businesses using our software experience unparalleled success and include companies like Midas, Moto-City's, HI-Q, Xtreme Wheel and Tyre, Fit-It, Profitment Centre's, Hyundai Franchise, Kia Franchise, Siemens, Supermarkets, Hardware stores, Liquor stores etc.

Smart-It accounting software is ideally suited for the Retail, Wholesale, Copier, Digital, Transport and Workshop environments or with customer interaction/CRM needs.

A company’s financial systems is the backbone on which its success and sustainability depends.

There is no comparison between us and the rest!

Easy to use with minimal training required. Get up and running in no time as we assist you in first time set up.

Included are several excellent function that no other program can do:

· Creditor Control theft and cut out admin faults

· Includes several feature modules our competitors would charge you extra for

· The time savings will really surprise you … and so much more. reconciliations: saves tons of time to spend on sales rather than admin

· Stock predictions: imagine ordering 13000 stock items in only 2 hours

· Indispensible marketing side like bulk emailing, SMS, customer interaction/CRM

This short list is but a taste of the full power of Smart-It.

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For Smart-IT Accounting Software version comparisons:

We are also looking for resellers so this is a great opportunity if you are interested in generating an excellent income in 2013. All that we require is that you do at least 30 hours training so that you can provide clients support when you sell Smart-IT Accounting Software and also offer them ongoing training if required which is another income generating opportunity which you can charge your clients R285.00 per hour for. The price is R2500.00 including VAT and we will give you our enterprise version valued at R8200.00 including VAT, which you can use for multiple companies and operate on multiple workstations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries. I hope to hear from you soon.

Expect great things!

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