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Thread: Buying a bed

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    Buying a bed

    I'm looking to buy a queen size bed at the moment and would appreciate any advice. I'm specifically looking at pocket spring bed. I tried king koil and simonds(their bottom range for R11 000) and I did not like both those brands, serta wasn't great either, the two beds that I liked the most are sealy emery and 40 winks jaguar, both beds are R9000 each which is my price range.they both come with 2 year guarantee and 12 and 13 years warranty respectivly. Does anybody have experience with those beds, or would you make another recommendation, any advice will be valuble.
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    I won a bed from these guys Sleep Active. Had it a few years and it is great.
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    Style and size two important factors in buying bedroom stuff from anywhere.Me and my wife also looking forward right stuff for my bedroom.This is really helpful for me.Thanks IanF.

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