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Thread: i just wanna do it....

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    i just wanna do it....

    i`m new to this,but i`m just being introduced to this(market thing) and i like it,can any help me,learn the basics in trading,and making money on internet...please!

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    To get any help, you have to be very specific as to what u mean by "to this (market thing)".& when you talk about trading are we to assume that you're referring to the Stock Exchange of the country? and please be warned that not everybody is making money trading the market. To win, somebody looses. its like those casino machines where you put the coins in & pull the handle. and suddenly there is loud music and the machine begins to spew out thousands of coins.

    Well the coins got there because before you started playing some folks put in coins and lost and those same coins are now being spewed out to you. Well not actually all. some are left behind for the Casino bosses

    And now i'm hoping that you and others on this thread understand that for some folks to make money, others have to lose. & i'm probably also directing this to Kimzaza & others that are promoting some sort of "business" making money on the internet under a different thread in this forum
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