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Thread: Selling Photographs

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    Selling Photographs

    Some of you may be following my Pic of the Day thread on the forum.

    I was asked by someone the other day why I don't make some money from my pictures, and my response was that it was not a priority for me, as I take pictures for the love of it, and that is sufficient reward for me.

    But now I have been thinking about it...

    Any suggestions/pointers/tips on how to make it a possibility?
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    Good morning Neville,

    I think there are endless opportunities for you here! This is what comes to my mind, market your best photos as high definition quality downloadable desktop backgrounds. You then charge a fee per item downloaded. Guys such as Mark will be able to point you in the right direction, if you go this route. I do know that people want quality desktop backgrounds and that many are willing to pay for them..
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    The first thing you'd need to do is watermark your photos before you upload them anywhere. You could open your own portal site where you sell them but there's already large existing sites where people are more likely to look when they need photos for publications etc so a private portal might not get sufficient trafic unless you already have a 'name' in the industry.
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    Hi Neville

    There are sites that will sell the picture on your behalf Life Hacker Article

    Though I do think you can kill two birds with one stone, and produce your own Pastel Tips pdf booklet and include the pictures in it and email that free or have it as a download from your site. Advertising that you are a Pastel Consultant and sell pictures.

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