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Thread: Multi-Currency Module - PASTEL

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    Multi-Currency Module - PASTEL

    I did try to go through the “Help Topic” and apply what I read, but, it all went wrong. Nothing worked!!!

    I can’t use this module at all!

    I have a client who deals in 3 different FC and MUR as home currency. I don’t even know how and where to go to do the distinction between home currency & FC:

    Till now I have only done this:-

    Click image for larger version. 

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    For below print screen, I don’t understand which one to choose: I know that I’ll have to repeat the same procedures for all the 3 FC:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    How to make my JOURNALS /CASHBOOKS to become like this:

    I.E to take account of payments to foreign suppliers / receipts from debtors etc as well how to record sales or purchase to / from a foreign client or supplier as I did try, but I don’t have the followings columns to work with:
    1. Foreign supplier / debtor column
    2. Exchange rate column

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Brief, I want to be able to do this:-

    Multi-Currency Overview
    The Multi-Currency add-on module lets you process with multiple currencies. Partner has the following multi-currency capabilities:
    • You can create up to 30 currencies.
    • You can create foreign currency customers, suppliers, and bank accounts, and you process these accounts in their own currencies.
    • You can view and print invoices in your home currency or in the customer's/supplier's currency.
    • You can create and update exchange rate tables for each currency at any time.
    • You can produce financial statements and other reports in any currency.
    • You can levy tax on foreign currency transactions if necessary.
    • To compute exchange loss or gain in FC

    Thanking you in advance again

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    I'm not sure about what u did so far, but what I know is you must first create the customers and suppliers with applicable foreign currency, then you can process entries accordingly

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    Please help. My reporting currency is € and my foreign currency is US$.

    I have setup bank accounts on pastel and clearly indicated the FC accounts with applicable currency. I then uploaded exchange rates and captured transactions in the cashbook and posted them. Now Im trying to do the foreign bank account revaluation and stuck. Im using pastel evolution. I dont know what information is required where.

    1. At first I select the bank I account I want to revalue (I had captured transactions for January)
    2. under period I selected the month
    3. "Currency exchange rate date" I selected 31 January.......(I really dont know if this is correct)
    4. Linked my Journal batch and clicked view

    The view shows my Bank account, the currency, the pastel account balance in €, the exchange rate on 31 January and foreign balance in US$. So what do I do next?

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