I learned that I have judgement on my name for the the school fees of my sister in-law (Ms JJ). In 2005 I applied for school enrolment for Ms JJ. At that time I and my fathser in law (Mr JJ) completed a contract which required me to acknowledge payment the school fees. The principal call me and Mr JJ to clarify school fees respsobility. After a long discussion the principal produce a new contract form where we signed (Me as witness) and the principal signed that he admission of the Ms JJ. Since then the school contacted Mr JJ to make any arrangement for school fees payment.

I was shocked to recieve a summone adrees me as Mrs and I request my wife and Mr JJ to make a follow up with the lawyers. They did and made the necessary aggreement. Three months later I learned that I have judgement on my name. I requested the lawyer and the school to provide with the contract signed, they gave me the form that the principal rejected, without the principal signed. Where as the contract signed with twor parties is not available? Is the constract valid even if the second party did not signed?

When I approach the lawyer she said " You have been provided with the duly signed contract (the rejected contract) where you admit liability to pay school fees", however the constract reflect the signed of Mr JJ and mine without the principal signature. How valid the the contract without the second party?
When I question the validity of the constract and the agrreement later made by Mr JJ with the lawyer, she said, "The acknowledgment of debt and contract are two different things. Action was taken against all parties that undertook to pay the fees being you and Mr JJ. Mr JJ on receipt of our papers came to our offices and acknowledged the debt. You are jointly and severally liable until this debt is paid in full". However when I make my investigation the courst action was again Mrs KS nor Mr KS and the courts acation was again Mrs KS and judgement on the blacklisting is Mr KS.

I curretly dispute the case with ITC company to review this balcklisting however I wouls like to open the case with the relevant magristate courts . DO I HAVE A CASE?