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Thread: National Small Business Chamber?

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    National Small Business Chamber?

    Any of our forum members registered with the NSBC?

    I'd like honest thoughts and opinions about the organisation. Is it worth signing up? Anybody been to the My Business Expo or seen the My Business magazine? I'm also interested in the "business guides" they apparently have available for full members.

    At around one grand to sign up for a year, I'm tempted to do so just out of curiosity, but thought I'd ask whether I'll be wasting my time and money first.

    Also, can anybody vouch for the networking potential as a member?

    Look forward to your responses.
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    The last time I checked the NSBC was not affiliated to any of the national bodies. I've not been impressed by the business Expo's apart from the possible networking, but it only happens once a year. You may give it a try, but I think you'll get much more mileage from your local chamber.
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