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Thread: Alarm installation companies?

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    Alarm installation companies?

    I am severely ticked off with ADT right now.

    I specifically told them and it was confirmed that they would install my electric fence as a zone on my alarm system, this way if its not on I cannot arm the house. This way if it goes off, it sets off the house alarm.

    What did they do?

    They decided they could not do that, and made it a silent radio alarm to their control center.

    1. Serves NO purpose whatsoever that I don't know that someone has snipped my electric fence

    2. No sense whatsoever as now I still don't know if the fence is on or off

    Is there anyone that is well versed with setting up the ADT alarm systems? I can then rewire the radio relay and maybe add another if need be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nkawit View Post
    They decided they could not do that, and made it a silent radio alarm to their control center.
    Classic example of not listening to the customer. There is nothing in this world that can not be done. Other companies can. Tell them to fix it or lose the business.
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    While you are waiting for this to be sorted out, you could use a quick alternative and connect a strobe-type light between two of the wires. Our next door neighbour has it. It points towards your property so that you can see it from your window and it flashes to indicate that the fence is on.
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    It should be a simple relay contact allocated to a zone. It sounds like the system installed is tooo small and therefore no more zones available.

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    I think you contact customer care center for your security system manufacturer and record a complain for your problem i think they solve your problem quickly because most of the retailer don't fix the problem by saying that they don't provide that feature.

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