So as we head into a new year, what do you have planned?

New years resolutions,

Big expansion plans,

New marketing stratergies,

Had enough of labour issues and goverment labour laws, so plans to reduce work foce,

or just leaving things as they are, dont break something that is working?

I have a few important decisions to make as we enter 2013,

What to do with my TB staff,

Do i expand and employ more people, i cannot handle the work load, problems is all good paying customers and i have landed a big commercial customer with a some serious electrical installation issues in all the branches. Not the young stud i use to be, working 18 hours days are getting the better of me, i need to get smarter and not work harder.

I need to figue out a way to put away money for a rainy day and start early in the year saving for the end of year pay outs, i am sure i am not the only one feeling the year end leave pay and bonus crunch payout.

My van is paid off in a month or 2 , so i want to look at getting a bigger van, an H1 or VW transporter, my little van is battling to carry the load.

I am considering employing someone to do my paper work, it is just getting too much, doing all the quotes invoices, timesheets, job cards, etc. I have an accounting firm sorting the vat, but the general bookkeeping after work at night is getting a bit much. Then still having to build products in the workshop at night as orders come in.

I also need to start looking after my health in the new year, this year has been a bit of a bumpy ride with 3 visits to the emergency room with chest pains and an op because of my high sugar level, border line type ll diabetic . I am gona get back into my walking routine, up at 4.45 am walk 6 - 8km, which is great because it give me time to think about my plans for the day, so when everyone arrives for work i have cleared my head and have the day planned. I am also considering trying out the fit for life eating program, one of my customers has been on the program for over a year and he looks great. When i aksed him about suppliments required to replace protein like meat etc he gave me a dvd to watch and boy is it an eye opener.