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Thread: Why no threads on Mangaung?

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    Why no threads on Mangaung?

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all TFSA members. I have to admit at the start of the Mangaung conference I feared the worst....but it never happened.

    Before the conference even started poor old Mandela was hospitalised for check-ups which turned into kidney stones, nobody opened a thread.

    Then throughout the week there's been a new deputy president voted in who's got business issues, still no threads. The mine nationalisation issue has finally been put to rest, the ANCYL got chastised for their behaviour and finally at least half a dozen theiving sons of b**ches made it onto the NEC list, gems like Bheki Cele, Humphrey Memezi and the king of bling Tony Yengeni and...still no threads.

    Just thought I'd run a poll to find out why interest is so low.
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    I just kept plugging away on this thread.

    ps. The cricket probably is more important
    (Got to keep perspective on these things )
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    It actually does not matter - Zoomer buggering country big time...
    Ramaphosa only there to help Zoomer stealing more and more "intelligently" - meaning not being caught as easily...

    And also seen on news all 80 members now Zoomer ****buddies...

    Just more of the same....

    See nothing worthwhile....

    **** - insert applicable word of your own choice.

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    Too frustrating to comment as nothing would change. Now is the time to relax.
    Only stress when you can change the outcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyD View Post
    Just thought I'd run a poll to find out why interest is so low.
    It was a foregone conclusion. Nothing to comment on anyway. You can read more under the heading fraud and corruption...
    Excellence is not a skill; its an attitude...

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