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Thread: QR Codes and the Back of Business Cards

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    QR Codes and the Back of Business Cards

    I will be doing door to door cold calling and dropping of my business card. I need something to make my business card to stand out.

    Whilst doing research on Google, I came across a suggestion to put something like a calandar on the back, to make the card sticky. I first thought of putting the school holidayts or public holidays. But would people use it simply to look up the holidays and not bother wit the front of the card?

    My next idea was to put a QR code on either the front or back of my card, which points to a Mobi ready page with discount coupons & specials for my services, maybe invite some of my customers to add their discount coupons and specials.

    When droping off the card, I would point out that by using the QR/Bar Code reader on their smart phone would take them to the specials.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Better than the calendar idea, I reckon. Just how much of a calendar could you get onto the back of a business card? (And is it relevant?)
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    Out of those 2 options, the QR code idea would be better. Unfortunately QR codes aren't as effective as they were a little while back. Most people don't have the right application to scan them and some don't even know what it is. I think the best option is to put both the QR code and your mobi site address on the back. That way if they don't know what the hell the QR code is for, they can at least go to your mobi site.

    EDIT: It really depends on who you are targeting

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