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Thread: Flexi club holiday timeshare company will not cancel!!!

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    Flexi club holiday timeshare company will not cancel!!!

    Hi all,

    I have just been told by a friend that he had taken a hoiday/timeshare offering with a company called Flexiclub, but he has not used it in a very long time and wants to cancel but they refuse to let him out of the contract. Apparently its sum sort of perpetual contract which you cannot cancel. He has checked online and found lots of complaints about Flexiclub and many disgruntled members who are in the same boat as my friend. There seems to be no avenue by which to get out of this contract. If there is anybody who knows how to go about helping my friend and others get out of this so called "perpetual contract" , please let me know.

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    Reading their FAQ section here:

    Q. Can I cancel my membership?
    A: Flexi-Club is a membership in perpetuity. Membership can by transferred or resold (Contact Maximum Delivery who will refer you to an accredited resale agent).
    There's also a resales info page here with more details.

    ...all of which reminds me why I don't join these schemes and just pay as I go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave A View Post
    ...all of which reminds me why I don't join these schemes and just pay as I go.
    Absolutely !!! Many / Most of these schemes are just a money making racket and once you have bought into the scheme, you are stuck with it !

    I, many years ago, bought some timeshare at R 16800 and about six years later got R 8000 for it.
    So much for the "good investment "
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    I am sure that the CPA does not allow perpetual contracts. There has to be an escape clause in terms of the new law.
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    There are way too many of these schemes, I am sure most of them are piggy backing off one another for clients. My wife owns timeshare in Ballito and they have also been trying to get us onto one of their prefered schemes, the problem is that if you do not read the fine print, you are liable for the "annual membership" fee of the scheme plus the "levies" for the timeshare you own. Now why would I want to add additional charges onto my existing timeshare? They say that the benefit is that you can go to different places - the hidden clause "provided their is availability at the time of your request or during the period of your request". I am happy with our timeshare, I do not mind paying the annual levy if it means a week away for our family at no additional cost - that satisifies me perfectly.

    Unfortunately I know that most of those schemes, especially if you sign up as a new member, try to bind you into a 5 year if not more contract. I visited one of the presentations for the Flexi Club but was not interested due to its terms and conditions. They even give you a free prize if you join? or a potential of a free prize.

    I can only conclude that the services of an attorney would be required to try and get out of any contract they have holding you into the scheme. What can they do if you refuse to pay their annual fees? Also there are "ombudsman" for most Financial schemes, I am sure you might find one exists for Flexi Club too. Another alternative is to post on - there are many companies who seem to keep a watch out on that website.

    Sorry that I cannot be of any further help.

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