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Thread: Anybody ever worked with offshore web developers?

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    Anybody ever worked with offshore web developers?

    A shot in the dark here, but does anybody have any experience working with off-shore web development teams?

    I have a rather big project that I'm looking at getting off the ground which is going to require some skilled development work. We can't develop in-house as we don't have sufficient skill or resources to create complex web applications.

    Also, with our budget, I'm not sure finding someone locally is going to be an option. (Though I could potentially hire a skilled developer on a contract basis to complete the job, it'll likely take more than one person with varying skillsets)

    I'd like to know if anybody has worked with offshore development teams that are reliable and can communicate very well in English.

    I've used freelancers from etc before for smaller jobs, but something tells me that looking for freelancers for a job this complex via that sort of website isn't going to get me anywhere.

    So if you can recommend anybody, or give some direction to my search, I'd really appreciate that.
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    Hi mark im after the same as you. Anyone that can develop very complex apps would be highly appreciated by us both.

    Mark I've tested one company locally. Still in development process. They offered me a ridiculous fee. Which I shamefully accepted. They promised me 6week sprint to final completion date
    Excluding testing and debugging. It's now 7 months down the line and still they unable to accomplish the task at hand. They in breach of the contract so I'm able to escape the contract all together. Luckily I paid a small deposit and demanded quality work until further payment.

    That been said I would rather go offshore as locals cannot cope with complex apps we requesting.

    Are you going web app or mobile app?

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