Hi all

I have an employee who was born on 29 May 1948 thus making him 64 years of age.

On doing his IRP5 I have entered the following Codes - Code 3810 Medical Aid under Income. Under Deductions is Codes 4005 and 4474 for Medical Aid. When trying to enter Code 4116 for Medical Tax Credits I get the following message :

"Code 4116 NOT REQUIRED if Source Code 3080 is greater or equal to 65 and a value for 4005 is supplied"

I then tried to submit final Recon to SARS with just the Codes 4005 and 4474 on the Certificate and then get a message Submission Failed.
The message then received is as follows :

'If a person aged less than 65 (Code 3080) either supply both codes 4005 and 4116, or neither."

This is now conflicting instructions. I have contacted SARS, received reference numbers, IT will call back but never do and I now don't understand what is going on or how to solve this problem.

Can anybody assist and advise me on how to get around this problem