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Thread: Emp 501 Return

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    Emp 501 Return

    I own a small business and have less than 6 employees, none of whom earn over the threshold to pay PAYEE & pay my UIF directly to UIF using UFILING. Although it is a NIL return, apparently we still have to submit the 501, now bi-annually as well. Because I am not therefore registered for PAYEE my tax practisioner has been submitting these for me using my personal tax reference number as the Payee Ref No. Because of the now bi-annual cost, I would like to submit this return myself, & I downloaded E@syfile and completed all the entries but when I try to file it get the response "Reference number does not exist". I am registered on EFILING for VAT returns but it will not accept my 501 as I am not registered for PAYEE. Does anyone know how I can submit these returns myself?

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    Hi Basilg

    On efiling, under Organisations > Organisations Tax Types, you should register the EMP501 - Offline Submission. EasyFile gives you that error message, as they have no account on your profile to link it with.

    Request your tax practitioner to deactivate the EMP501 - Offline Submission on their profile before you try to activate it on yours. Alternatively, you can request the tax type over Efiling, but I would still contact them to inform them.

    Hope this helps

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