It is important for companies not to overlook their own intellectual property, their brand. Registering a trademark establishes notable differences between your company and the competitor. Trademark registration will avoid confusion as well as association with a third party that is unfavorable.

Benefits of registering a trademark
A third party will not have the ability to register a similar trademarks or company names, less confusion for consumers
A trademark gives you the right to prevent third parties from using similar trademarks
Financial/ tax benefits to a trademark. Your trademark can be added to the companies balance sheet and add enormous value, if your trademark however is not registered SARS can challenge the value of that trademark in financial statements.
Trademarks are seen as commodity, an asset to the company as they can be sold at a later stage

Your company is able to trademark a brand, slogan, graphic or logo with companies and intellectual property commission CIPC. Once your trademark is approved and registration is complete this will prevent anyone from using your trademark. Trademarks have to be renewed every decade( 10 years).