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Thread: Positive ground systems

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    Positive ground systems

    Hi Guys.

    I am playing with electronics that i am designing for positive ground environment (-48vdc), its looking challenging to design the electronics the right
    way to prevent ground loops, and "accidental" direct short circuits by end users/installers.

    The electronics module will live inside a plastic enclosure with a "floating" ground, but it will be powered from a 12Vdc source (inside a stationary diesel generator) that has its (-)ground directly connected to the positive 48Vdc (ground) of the site, which is also connected to the earth bar on the 3ph mains DB.

    Does anyone know of any pointers/standards when designing this kind of electronics?

    I am also interested in finding ways to protect (isolated?) negative grounded electronics modules against lighting strikes being discharged on the positive 48vdc ground.


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    Design your electronics to be a positive ground.

    If you can shed a bit of light in what you are trying to design, then maybe we can help a bit further.
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