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Thread: Win7 Calculator

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    Win7 Calculator

    Just out of interest, Win7 calculator is not as simple as most think. See the "hidden" features here"

    What made me decide to post this here is what was written under the mortgage calculator heading.
    See what happens when you split your monthly payment into fortnightly payments of half the amount.

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    The Windows 7 calculator first looks real good and has a few more functions, unfortunatly they've gone and crippled it if you're a computer programmer like me or need to swap between decimal and hex regularly.

    In the old Windows Vista/XP calculator in Scientific mode you can swap into and back of Hex+Decimal. The Windows 7 calculator now in "programmer" mode to have hexadecimal, you can still swap between decimal and hex but the decimal no longer allows a decimal point! This makes everyday calculations impossible, plus if you forget your in programmer mode and go typing in a number with a decimal point without realising your calculation will come out wrong.

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