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Thread: Easyfile still giving me hassels - error 3138

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    Easyfile still giving me hassels - error 3138

    I am unable to file my midyear returns, I have downloaded the latest Easyfile but when I select the company I need to work on I keep getting and erroer #3138, does anyone know how to correct this? Calling SARS is a waste of time.

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    Here is a submission made in an earlier thread by ChristelACS which might help.

    Dear all who have Error 3138... we have phoned SARS and they said all you have to do is to login, select "Notification Centre" , click on the company you need to work on and VIOLA - problem solved. It worked for us ... hopefully it will work for you too.
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    Hi Mike C... I read the post of NatalieM yesterday and I thought to myself... "no errors so far on Easyfile"... I was very surprised with the quote you added above, as I could not remember this error at all.... shows how fast one forget the less important nonsense in life!
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