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    Import Number

    HI All

    Please could someone assist me with the process that must be followed to get an import number from SARS?
    I've been told its quiet a process. Apparently you must be vat registered first? and you must have a tax clearance certificate?
    Any help in this matter would be great.

    Thanx guys

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    You can go to SARS website.

    Under forms, search for excise and dowload the DA185 which you will need to complete. On the DA185 form you can choose for which countries to register to import from, the form pretty much tells you about any additional forms needed to complete and documents required.

    It all depends on where you want to import from basically.

    You don't need to be VAT registered to do imports. I found that import and export registrations are quite easy compared to other things at SARS. Just make sure all your tax matters are up to date prior to application.

    When you have everything ready and done, just hand it in at your nearest customs and excise branch.
    Geraldene Kapp
    Professional Tax Help

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