Hi Everybody and thanks for reading and responding. Despite the screen name, I know little about the law so please bear with me. I had a Vodacom 24 mnth contract. I had informed Vodacom prior to the contract end of my decision to convert the contract to prepaid and to port my number to another network. My agreement with the service provider was to use the 1st of every month as a bill date. When the contract terminated, it did so on the 9th of the month, meaning I owed the service provider for just that period. Between the 2nd and 9th I recieved a bill 3 times my regular monthly bill. Choosing to dispute the bill, I stopped the bank debit order. Vodacom then had their agents call to procure payment of the outstanding amount. Each agent that called was asked to provide a break down of how Vodacom got to their amount. They each promised to get back to me but never did. After 90 days, Vodacom handed the matter to a collection agency and the nightmare of trying to secure billing data started all over again. Having being threatened by the collection agency with "asset sales" and injunctions, I handed the matter to my legal counsel (clientele legal). Still no billing data was recieved but the attempt by Vodacom to collect through a debt collector was stopped. I then used a complaints forum call get closure. Here Vodacom provide an itemised bill for the disputed period, but of the 735 claimed, 269 was in legimate calls (135 should have been alloted airtime) and 85 for a cancelled debit order. They still have not provided a explanation for the remainder of the billing amount. I closed the get closure compliant about a month ago, and heard nothig from Vodacom since then.
It is my opinion that I am not the only one being duped like this, in other words the service provider knows that a client will be exiting their network so they add unknown chargers to your bill.
My question is, how can i verify if correct tarrifs were applied to all my billings (have digital copy after a battle) and how best to resolve the disputed value (735).

Thanks again!