I saw a doctor in Feb and was not given an invoice as they said it would be submitted directly to my medical aid. It has not submitted seeming due to the accountants incompetence. I was then sent a Statement in July saying that the claim had been rejected. I phoned the medical aid and they said nothing was submitted so phoned the doctors rooms and requested a invoice. I said i do not have a fax can it be emailed. no only faxed. So had them fax it to my husbands work. I was retrenched in December so have no work number to have it faxed to. Seemingly it did not go through. So supplied them an alternate at hubbies work.They finally sent through yet another statement Also asked for reference numbers for the submission. All the numbers I was supplied are references to conversations not submissions to the medical aid.

So emailed(yes they have an email) my findings and had no response. So emailed from another address and got part of a reply. I called as soon as I could and had a nasty response. They have also been harassing my husband at work. I do not have the money for a very overpriced account that I recon is incorrect in any case as one of the procedures I recon I did not have. I am now worried I am going to be handed over to lawyers. I only just recently got a temp job after being retrenched in December and can not be making calls from work. Do not have the money for a R3000 bill and am worried they will hand over the case to lawyers. Do I have any legal standing as I was never supplied any documentation until it was too late to submit to medical aid?