Hi All,

I urgently need some advice please?

I purchased a vehicle less than two weeks back and found out that the vehicle has been in an accident when i took it for wheel alignment! The vehicle is financed and i called the bank and informed them. They told me the instruction for cancellation should come from the dealer and not from me!

I made contact with the dealer informing them that i do not want this vehicle any longer due to the fact the vehicle has accident damage. Before i signed i asked the question twice if there was any accident damage. The answer was no both occasions. The dealer told me that it is not my choice to decide if i want the vehicle or not, he has 21 days by law to sort the vehicle out for me.

I asked “how can you sort the vehicle out?" I did not want a vehicle that has been in an accident. The dealer wanted to collect the vehicle from me, which would have left me without transport until the fix the vehicle to my satisfaction( i would never be satisfied!) and they could arrange a loan vehicle with a R40K payment "IF" anything happened to the loan vehicle.

Why must i be liable for this vehicle? Why can he not just take the vehicle back? Does he not understand that what i wanted and what i got is completely different?

I got so upset and made contact with my lawyer. He instructed me not to return the vehicle and get an AA report on the vehicle. i have done this and sent it to him, he then proceeded to write them a letter.
i have had no correspondence with the dealer since then and i have been using the vehicle as it is my only means of transport.

Do i make contact with the dealer and ask them what they have decided? Or do i make contact with CPA?
My lawyer says that this could take anything between 1 to 2 years....and i would still have to pay the bank during this time? why shoud i pay for something that i do not want?