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Thread: Pastel Error Code 76

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    Red face Pastel Error Code 76

    I have got clients who are working on pastel partner 11.1.2 on windows 7 and XP Machines, the server runs Win.Server 2008 all with pervasive 10.

    They can work fine without problems but in most days they get an error code 76 when they click ok pastel closes up, it doesn't happen on all of them at the same time, sometimes it's one person twice or 3 times a day sometimes it goes the whole week without problems

    This happens when they in the middle of their work and upon relaunching pastel again, it duplicate the transactions they were doing before it closes up

    Please help


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    Here is an extract from my Knowledge Base, which may help you:

    1. Remove the read only attributes
    Go to Windows Explorer
    Click on the Pastel folder e.g Pastel11
    Click on the Company folder
    Click on the first file press CTRL+ A on your keyboard  this will highlight all the files for you. Keep the SHIFT key in and right click on the file.
    Go to Properties and then take the tick out of Read Only and change it to Archive.
    It will ask you if you want this for all the files and sub directories. Select yes.
    2. Delete the DirOpen.dat file
    Close Pastel
    Click on Start... Search/ Find... Files or folders
    In the "named" field, type diropen.dat
    Click on Browse and select the C:\ drive as the location to search within
    Click on Search Now/ Find Now
    Upon finding the file, namely diropen.dat, which would be in the Pastel11 folder, i.e. C:\Pastel11. Delete it.
    Then try accessing Pastel
    3. Access Rights
    Check that the Pastel11 directory is fully shared. Reset the sharing. Set the folder not to be shared and then share the folder fully. Also check the user permissions on the Pastel11 folder. By default if you add a user, the user does not have full sharing rights. Make sure that the permissions are set to full sharing.
    The users must have Admin rights on the computer where the data is stored. You will need to click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > Groups > Administrators. All the users that are set to Administrators will be listed. Make sure that the users that log onto Pastel are in the list. If they are not, you need to add them.
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    Thanks Neville

    I really appreciate your response, i will let you know as soon as i try that, i will give you a feed back

    Thanks again

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