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Thread: The VALUE OF DATA - It can turn sales around!

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    The VALUE OF DATA - It can turn sales around!

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    After running short on targets halfway threw the year I was asked to do a report for a client of mine. The data
    pinpointed the problem to one rep and could even pinpoint it to customers were sales has dropped.

    Just pulling that report the end of June, has turn sales around in July. At June end total sales increase from last year was 14.32% .
    (Comparing first 2 quarters - 2011 vs 2012). At July end it has gone up to 20.95%. (Comparing Jan to Jul - 2011 vs 2012).

    The main problem was that although total sales were up, sales for there main supplier which they have targets for has gone down and the
    new targets for this year was 12.5% more than last year.

    If you look at the picture (ORANGE supplier 1) you will see, that they have had there best sales month this year so far for products from that supplier.

    The money values are not exact BUT THE PERCENTAGES ARE. I just changed the values for obvious reasons.

    Edit: Research as always: How many TFSA members owning a sales company and have a customer base, pull sales comparison reports and sales trends from there current sales systems and how in-depth is it?

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