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Thread: crabtree plug sockets

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    crabtree plug sockets

    one of the reason i have not supported crabtree products for because of the rpoblems we experienced with the switches...when you switch them on or off there is a flash which comes out the top of the switch...more noticable if you are switch on an appliance or bank of light fittings in a factory be it 5fts and even worse if they are 400 w high bay fittings (better to use a contactor).

    they say they have sorted this problem covering it up and advertising the switch rating as a 20 amp switch now...i had to use 2 last week as i needed blue sockets...installed 2 sockets outlets and to my surprise only one socket outlet worked...50 % fail rate...absolutley shocking...but thats not the worse part...i am still waiting for the rep to get back to me with regards to replacing the i went directly to thier premises...which is now all part of aberder cable...i was told they cannot replace the socket...i had to take it back to the wholesaler where i purchased it from and order and they will order a new one...

    personally from my experience in the is just a matter of time before they shut down crabtree for good...and the fact that they are the most expensive...and you have to buy the socket and the cover as an extra...puts them completly out the market

    cbi is another product which i believe is on its way out...their earth leakage units are well known for random and nuisence tripping problems...and now that the majority of the problem are caused due to voltage issues causes them to pack up a lot faster than their older products (in the past 2 years i have replaced more new units than old units)...and the fact that a cbi earth leakage unit cost over R500 with only a one year comparison to other makes...which only cost a contractor less than R300.

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    Crabtree quality here is not good,compared to the UK that's all we used over there for sockets,switches.

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    I already replied to this post somewhere on another thread I think.
    I am special and so is Vanash.

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